Active Project Report


Spokane County - FORKER ROAD

Project Number: 3210-01
From Milepost: 0.870 - To Milepost: 1.330
RATA funds: $ 5,000,000
Legislative District: 4
Status Construction
Date Approved: 2010

Segments of the existing roadway surface are failing and need repair. This project will widen the roadway and reconstruct the roadway on a new vertical and horizontal alignment to avoid environmental impacts and improve roadway safety.

The existing road width is 22' to 24' and is inadequate to carry the traffic volume of today (11,000 vpd) and projected traffic of 19,000 vpd. The proposed improvements will widen the road to 76 feet, consisting of two 12' lanes in each direction, a 12-foot two-way left-turn lane and 8-foot shoulders.

The project will also provide adequate clear zone recovery area. Although expected to be minor, some guardrail may be installed where required.

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