Active Project Report

Cunningham Project

Adams County - Cunningham

Project Number: 0117-02
From Milepost: 8.390 - To Milepost: 11.040
RATA funds: $ 901,000
Legislative District: 9
Status PE and Design
Date Approved: 2017

The Cunningham Road is a minor collector linking Southeast and Southwest Adams County together. It is used as a secondary route from Othello to SR 395. This road is a secondary haul route for National Foods chicken egg farm. The road is a haul route for farmer’s products to market or storage. The existing pavement is distressed and trucks have difficulty negotiating the road because of its narrowness.

Factors to consider

The recent ADT's show a volume of 37 vehicles, with 42% representing truck traffic.

The current lane width is 9 foot with a varying 3 foot gravel and native material shoulder that has eroded in places.

The narrow roadway and unprotected steep slopes compromise safety.

The project consists of widening the roadbed to 28feet, mitigating roadside hazards, modifying side slopes, shoulder widening, adding guardrail, and surfacing the entire roadway with a BST. The vertical and horizontal alignments will remain mostly unchanged.

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