Active Project Report

Summitview Rd. -- 3 Project

Yakima County - Summitview Rd. -- 3

Project Number: 3914-01
From Milepost: 7.120 - To Milepost: 8.580
RATA funds: $ 3,532,500
Legislative District: 14
Status Construction
Date Approved: 2014

2013 – 2015 Rural Arterial Program (RAP)

Project Narrative

(Summitview Road – FIN # 20020 - Forney Rd. to Hatton Rd.)

Roadway Widths:

Roadway currently maintains an average 20-21 foot paved roadway surface with right of way widths of 40-55 feet. Roadway will be reconstructed to a 40-foot roadway (12’ lanes / 8’ shoulders).

Vertical Curves:

Yakima County will address vertical alignment improvements as warranted.

Horizontal Curves:

Yakima County will address horizontal alignment improvements in the vicinity of M.P. 7.30 and 8.00.

Surfacing Type:

Summitview Road is primarily an asphalt surfaced roadway, except for a 1.4 mile segment (MP 5.09-6.49) surfaced with BST.

Structural Condition:

A CRAB inspection of the roadway resulted in a structural condition rating of 21. Roadway has significant longitudinal and lateral cracking. Limited shoulder scouring in some locations. Edge of pavement has significant disintegration in several locations requiring patching.


Traffic volumes (Yr 2007) along this route range from 4900 vehicles per day [v/d] at the Forney Rd. Intersection to 3200 v/d near the Tieton City Limits. Summitview Road, a two-lane Rural Major Collector (FC 07), is a Class 3 (T-3) Truck Route (300,000 – 4,000,000 tons), and a Class 1 Bicycle Route. Road is posted for 50 MPH.

Accidents / Safety:

This segment of Summitview Road has experienced 55 accidents since 2001, including a fatality in 2002. Most accidents (76.4%) are located in the southern end of the roadway segment (south of M.P. 7.65 – Funkhauser Rd Intersection). 38.2% of all accidents (21 of 55) occurred in or around the Summitview / Forney Road Intersection (a confluence of six roadways).

This road segment does not presently have appropriate shoulder widths to meet its Class 1 Bike Route designation. Complemented by Yakima County’s 2003-05 RAP award for Summitview Rd (between Appleway and Forney Rds.) this project will complete roadway and safety improvements along the entire Summitview Road Corridor between NW Yakima and Tieton.

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