CRAB and FAA UAS Integration Pilot Program

The future of flight just got a little more exciting with the Department of Transportation's U.A.S. Integration Pilot Program (IPP).

The IPP will explore ways to safely expand cutting-edge drone operations into the National Airspace System. Interested state, local and tribal governments, or combinations thereof, can apply with industry partners to participate.

Over the course of three years, governments will work alongside industry partners, including U.A.S. Service Suppliers, to enable drone business and create jobs. The Department of Transportation is looking for a diversity of use cases and partners to apply for the program. Risk mitigation is crucial to any successful application.

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Deadline 1 - Nov. 28th : Submitted CRAB's Declaration of the Lead Applicant on the 27th I received my FAA credentials to access and setup our internet portal account for the integration program on the 28th.

Deadline 2 - Dec. 13th: Volumes I & II required to submit. We submitted both on 12/12/17.

This submittal included:
Submission of Volume I - Identification of Lead applicant, CRAB.

Submission of Volume II - Overview of lead applican's solicitations concept in the form of airspace identification.

With the assistance of other county UAS professionals, CRAB has submitted 5 airspaces (the maximum) for FAA consideration.

3 sites on the Westside and 2 sites on the Eastside of the state were chosen to best represent what the FAA is looking to accomplish with this integration program. The operations for research range from Advancing Beyond Line of Site (BVLOS), Advancing Night operations (i.e. Search and Rescue & traffic accidents) and Flying Over Human Beings (i.e. bridge inspections). All these operations are currently illegal under today's FAA regulations.

The industry's we hope to advance are Governmental Applications, Public Safety, Infrastructure Inspections, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Emergency Management, Search and Rescue

December 13th was also the deadline for Interested Parties to request inclusion. We have reached out to many of my private contacts to let them know about this deadline. (Interested Parties i.e. private engineering consultants using drones, drone manufactures, etc.) We will be required to team up with an interested party if we are selected by the FAA as lead agency.

Deadline 3 - Jan. 4th, 2018: Volumes III, IV, V, & VI required to be submitted. This is where they require our concept of operations and key considerations to take into account per each of our submitted airspace id sites. A lot of work ahead and not much time to do it in! Wish us luck!

Please use the form below to submit any questions or concerns that you have. You can also contact 360-753-5989