Mobility is a comprehensive road inventory and management system software program developed by CRAB. Mobility provides users
with Infrastructure Asset Management, Pavement Management, and Maintenance Management systems. Mobility is deployed in
all 39 Washington State Counties and has been designed to deploy easily on a local computer, a network, or as a remote desktop application.

Counties use Mobility software to update and maintain County Road Log and Infrastructure Inventory data. The Road Log contains control fields used
for computation of County Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax allocations (WAC 136-60-020).

CRAB has developed two field data collection tools that sync data automatically to Mobility using an internet connection. VisRate software
is used in the field to collect Pavement Surface Condition Ratings. SignRate is used in the field to collect data on Signs and Sign Maintenance.
Both applications upload to and download data from Mobility.

For questions contact Mobility@CRAB.

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