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Number of Fatal Collisions Involving Target Zero Priority Factors on Whatcom County Roads

About this metric.

  • What is Target Zero? Collision and injury data collected by the Washington State Department of Transportation is used by the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission to create the federally required Washington State Highway Safety Plan "Target Zero". "Target Zero" sets statewide priorities for all traffic safety partners, provides strategies to address identified priorities, and monitors outcomes.
  • What is a priority factor? A priority factor is a factor that contributes to a certain level of fatal or serious injury collisions. Priority Level One factors contribute to at least 30% of fatal or serious injury collisions; Priority Level Two factors contribute to at least 10%, and; Priority Level Three factors are associated with less than 10%. Priority Level One and Two factors on county roads include factors such as impairment, speeding, young drivers, and run-off-the-road collisions. A fatal collision may involve more than one priority factor, which means that there are more priority factors than total fatal collisions.

What does the data show? In 2019, 4 of 6 fatal collisions on Whatcom County roads involved running-off-the-road, 3 speeding, 2 drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs, and 2 young drivers aged 16 to 25.