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Island County CAPP Percent of Eligible Arterial Miles Resurfaced

About this metric.

  • What is CAPP? The County Arterial Preservation Program, administered by CRAB, is funded by the state gas tax (0.45 cents per gallon), an additional $1.5 million per year from the 2005 Transportation Partnership Act capital program, and an additional $5.0 million per year from the Connecting Washington Act in a biennial appropriation. Funds can only be used to re-surface paved arterials.
  • Why is it important? CAPP provides a base of funding to re-surface paved arterials, which carry the greatest amount of traffic on county-owned roads. Re-surfacing prevents more costly failures.
  • What other funds are used? Counties use local, and in some cases federal funds from the Surface Transportation program to resurface arterials.

What does the data show? In 2018, 0.7% of Island County arterials were resurfaced using CAPP funds and 0.7% were resurfaced using other funds.