Federal Grants State MVFT Local Other
2017 Island County Road Related Total Revenue

About this metric.

  • How is this data collected? Counties are required to submit actual annual county revenues and expenditures to the Washington State Department of Transportation, which in turn must report this information to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).
  • What does federal grant revenue include? Funds from federal grants include funding from the National Highway Performance, Surface Transportation, and Highway Safety Improvement programs. The federal government also provides payments to counties that have substantial acreage of federal property. Payments are made because these federal lands are not subject to property tax.
  • What does state MFVT revenue include? The MFVT is the state motor vehicle fuel tax. 4.923 cents per gallon of the state MFVT is distributed directly to counties. Additional MVFT funding is distributed to counties through programs such as the County Road Administration Board's County Arterial Preservation Program and Rural Arterial Program or the Transportation Improvement Board's Urban Arterial Program and Urban Sidewalk Program.
  • What does local revenue include? Local revenues include revenue from county road property taxes, forest harvest taxes, and other taxes used to support local road programs.
  • What does other revenue include? Other revenues include tolls, reimbursement for services, and miscellaneous taxes and fees.

What does the data show? In 2017, $8,731,000 Island County Road revenues was from local revenues, $2,757,716 from the state, $6,404,000 from other sources, and $1,100,000 from the federal government.