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CRAB Forms

See the Calendar of Due Dates for additional requirements of the forms below. (Under Revison)

County Annual Reporting System (C.A.R.S.)

Use the C.A.R.S. web application to submit all required annual forms to CRAB for the submittal periods listed for each calendar year.

  1. December 31st Submittal
  2. February 1st Submittal
  3. April 1st Submittal

Contact Derek Pohle for any questions, or to request access to C.A.R.S. 360-753-5989.

CAPP Forms

Due as part of the December 31st submittal - Fill out these forms using C.A.R.S.

CAPP Program for 2016 (revised instructions for 2016)
PMS Certification for CAPP

Due as part of the April 1st submittal - Fill out this form using C.A.R.S.

Annual CAPP Report


Please let us know if you need assistance with any CRAB form.

Please contact Grants@Crab for more information.