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GIS-Mo Pre-Launch Training

We are excited to announce that GIS-Mo pre-launch training registration is open. Register here for GIS-Mo© and all CRAB Information Services training. We look forward to delivering quality training as we move towards the GIS-Mo Rollout.

This inital pre-launch phase of training is to familiarize users with the software and get valuable user feedback. Your feedback will help guide our future development.

GIS-Mo Prerequisite - VUEWorks 101

All GIS-Mo users need to take a VUEWorks 101 class online before attending GIS-Mo pre-launch training. This training is required before a county can deploy GIS-Mo. Fill out the form below to register for GIS-Mo training.

Contact the IS Training Team for information.

GIS-Mo Training Schedule

2019 - 2020 Training Schedule
Class and Dates LocationTotal SeatsSigned Up
GIS-Mo Training - August 4 - 5, 2020 Adams County 10 4
GIS-Mo Training - August 18 - 19, 2020 Olympia 10 8
GIS-Mo Training - September 2 - 3, 2020 Olympia 10 2
GIS-Mo Training - October 20 - 21, 2020 Olympia 10 1

** Training begins at 8:00 AM and goes to 3:30 PM on both days unless otherwise posted.

GIS-Mo Training Registration

Training Registration

GIS-Mo Training Resources

We have plenty of resources for you to choose from. GIS-Mo support is available by phone, email, and remote session. Choose from any of the resources listed below for answers to questions, how-tos, knowledge base articles, and the GIS-Mo video library.

. . . stay tuned! More good stuff is on the way!

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